Anonymous asked:

ever since becoming a vegan i've gotten more tired and so ill thought i'm eating enough, maybe my body just cant cope?

vegan-yums answered:

Have you been eating enough of the right things though? I can’t really talk I’m tired often too, but I’ve always been that way, long before going vegan. I think it’s mainly lack of exercise for myself, and other things, non diet related. Anyway, you should start a log of what you’re eating through out the day. Do you snack often? Foods high in iron - Quinoa. Cooked greens (Spinach, Swiss chard, Bok Choy) Broccoli, Tofu, Nuts and nut butters, Beans (Chickpeas, Soy, Kidney, Black, Pinto). Fats are important too - Avocado, Omega- 3’s (Flax seed) and nuts. Simple high energy meals - Oatmeal and a glass of orange juice (vitamin c helps iron absorption). Chili. Peanut/almond butter and banana sandwiches (can sprinkle flax seed on the butter). Nutritional yeast is also great, for so so many vitamins and minerals, especially all the B’s..Can make bomb mac n cheese with it, or sprinkle it on anything you want to have a cheesy flavor (popcorn, ect.) Can also pick up a vegan B12 supplement (get methylcobalamin B12, it’s the best form of B12.)